Bodo E. Knudsen

Director, OSU Comprehensive Kidney Stone Program Associate Professor of Urology,
Ohio State University

We have a very large kidney stones program... The Swiss LithoClast® is a highly versatile device that works equally well for both kidney and bladder stones. We also do a large volume of bladder stones and my preferred modality here is also the Swiss LithoClast® because it’s very efficient in clearing these large stones.

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Swiss LithoClast testimonial

Glenn Preminger
MD, Prof. of Urology 

Chief, Division of Urologic Surgery
Duke University Medical Center, Durham, N.C.

At Duke University we perform between 250 to 300 percutaneous nephrolithotomies per year. We reserve PNL for the management of larger stones and this is where the Swiss LithoClast® is an ideal device that can be used to efficiently fragment and remove stones of all compositions.

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Urology - Swiss Lithoclast

Jorge Gutierrez
MD, Prof. of Urology 

Director of Endourology and Stone Diseases
Wake Forest School of Medicine

Wake Forest University is one the busiest academic institutions for treatment of kidney stones in United States. My personal preference for the treatment of kidney stones during percutaneous nephrolithotomy is the Swiss LithoClast®. The beauty of LithoClast® is that you can treat hard stones, soft stones or any type of stone, it is a highly efficient system to fragment and remove all type of kidney stones.

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Urology Swiss LithoClast testimonial

Rainer Hofmann
Univ. Prof. Dr. Med.

Professor and Chair, Department of Urology and pediatric
Urology Philipps-Universität Marburg

In Western Europe the Swiss LithoClast® has basically 3 indications: large calculi in the bladder, rigid ureteroscopy and, main indication, percutaneous stone surgery. It’s a very reliable and durable instrument, relatively inexpensive to purchase for the hospitals.

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Swiss LithoClast testimonial

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