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Ballistic technology

Ballistic lithotripsy fragments even the hardest stones in the urinary tract.


For powerful and coarse fragmentation of hard and large urinary calculi.

  • High stone-free rates
  • High tissue safety
  • Fast fragmentation and clearance time
  • For precise fragmentation
  • Lightweight, ergonomic and easy handling
  • The Gold Standard in safe ureteral stone lithotripsy
Shock waves


Newton's Craddle

The working principle is based on Newton’s law of impulse transmission as demonstrated by the Newton’s cradle: kinetic energy of a projectile is transmitted via the probe onto the stone.

Compressed air is being used to accelerate the projectile to generate ballistic energy in the handpiece of the Swiss LithoClast®.

The projectile is precision guided to within micrometer precision, so that it reaches a high speed by a controlled burst of compressed air.

When the projectile hits the probe mounted in the handpiece, a shock wave is transmitted through the probe to the calculus. Due to the different acoustic characteristics of the metal probe and the stone an inelastic impulse transmission occurs which leads to fast and effective stone fragmentation.