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Swiss LithoClast Trilogy: Experience lithotripsy like never before

Powerful fragmentation and more efficient stone removal for improved procedure outcomes.

Listen to leading experts share their experiences with Swiss LithoClast® Trilogy:

The stone-free rates are going to better. The feel is going to be better: as you operate you find that with the suction, it also sucks away that little bit of bleeding which is marring your vision there. So it allows you to have a very clean vision. It allows you to break the stone. And it allows you to pull all the stones. All the aspects of stone management are managed by this single unit.

Janak Desai, MD
Head of Urology, Samved Clinic Ahmedabad, India

I think another exciting part of it is its potential use for miniaturized or for ultra-mini PCNL, where instead of breaking up the stone using a laser and then relying upon the vacuum effect, I hope then that with the suction device as well we'll be able to more quickly remove these stones that we've broken up.

Oliver Wiseman, MD
Consultant Urologist Cambridge University Hospitals, UK

Designed to enhance the surgical experience for lithotripsy:


Active cooling system in the handpiece regulates the temperature of the handpiece, providing more comfort than other handpieces.
Quality meter for visual monitoring of fragmentation procedure, providing feedback on probe angle and power settings. 


Centralized touch screen controls designed to simplify the customizing of energy and suction settings. 
Automatic regulation of maximum energy and suction setting for each probe. 


Ballistic probe tip displacements are 8 times smaller compared to pneumatic Swiss LithoClast®, significantly reducing stone retropulsion effect.
Stone Catcher provides seamless collection of stone fragments for analysis – potentially reducing manual retrieval with additional devices.


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