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Webinar: From low power Ho:YAG to TFL

Although the situation does not allow us to hold face-to-face MasterClasses, our team continues to provide top-notch endourology education online.
Last month, we had the pleasure of welcoming Prof. Olivier Traxer from the Tenon Hospital in Paris for an exclusive webinar.

Prof. Traxer gave us the pleasure to spend two hours on laser technology for urological use. We offer you the full replay of the session.

"People commonly make a mistake when comparing low power and high power lasers: they claim that high power is superior to low power. 
However, they are considering 20 watts when comparing, which does not correspond to today’s standards of “low power.” 

Nowadays, only systems like the LaserClast35 by EMS, which can go until 35 watts, are considered “low power.” Therefore, the comparison between low and high power lasers is not then that significant."

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Prof. Olivier Traxer

About Prof. Olivier Traxer

Prof. Olivier Traxer is currently teaching Urology at the Sorbonne University, Paris, France, and works in Tenon Hospital (Academic Hospital). After training in general Urology in Paris, Professor Olivier Traxer did a research fellowship at Southwestern Medical School, the University of Texas, Dallas, Texas (under the supervision of Professors Charles Y.C. Pak and Margaret Sue Pearle) to specialize in endourology and kidney stone management, which represent his main fields of interest. As an endourologist, his main goal is to improve knowledge on urinary stone disease and endourology, optimize the quality of treatment given to patients, and promote the role of his specialty in that field. 

In addition, he is one of the experts for flexible procedures in stone management and is running MasterClass Workshops in hospitals for EMS.

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