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Swiss LithoClast Trilogy: A European Multicenter Prospective Study

Study overview

  • Ten European clinical centers participate in this prospective, non-randomized trial.
  • Each site has the goal to provide data on 20 cases (total: 200)
  • Principal investigator is Oliver Wiseman, Cambridge UK.
  • The goal of the study was to provide objective data for stone clearance rate, stone-free rate, complications and device malfunction; as well as subjective usability data such as ergonomics 



First publication available

Interim results of 53 patients were accepted for presentation at EAU Amsterdam and AUA Washington, but unfortunately, these congresses were cancelled. Fortunately, the first publication has been made available now:

O Wiseman et al,: The Efficacy And Safety Of The Ems Lithoclast Trilogy: A European Multicenter Prospective Study On Behalf Of ESUT 



First presentation at 40th Congress of the Société Internationale d`Urologie

  • Inclusion of 157 case studies confirming high post-OP stone free rate (Fluoroscopy: 83%, visual: 90%)
  • Confirmation, that 24 out of the 157 cases were performed using a miniaturised technique with a median track size of 17.5 FR and median Trilogy probe size of 1.5mm


Key takeaways:

  • The stone removal efficiency of Trilogy is almost 100% greater compared to published data on other Lithotrites.
  • Post-OP stone free rate: 88%
  • The device was perceived by surgeons to be highly effective overall and compared to the most commonly used previous lithotrite.
  • In addition, the study confirms that Swiss LithoClast Trilogy is highly effective and safe for miniaturised PCNL


Multicenter study confirms ease of use:

European Multicenter study user rating


Multicenter study reports twice the effectiveness than previously published study data :


European Multicenter study stone volumen


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EMS Lithoclast Trilogy: an effective single-probe dual-energy lithotripter for mini and standard PCNL

Sabnis R. B. et al. World Journal of Urology vol. 38,4 (2020): 1043-1050. 

Providing fast, easy, and safe percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) appears to be one of the most challenging issues in modern urology. In order to break the stones more effectively, a combination of different energy sources is needed. Swiss LithoClast® Trilogy is an all-in-one-probe, dual-energy lithotripter that combines electromagnetic impactor and ultrasonic vibration with suction capability. This study describes the initial clinical use of Swiss Lithoclast® Trilogy in patients who underwent Mini or Standard PCNL for stone evacuation.