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Compact operating fiber ureterorenoscope

EMS LithoVision


EMS LithoVision

Product features

  • Shaft length 425 mm
  • Maximum allowed sheath bending 15º
  • Working channel fluid seal system with duck bill valve
  • Stainless steel endoscope and irrigation attachment
  • Cleaning disinfection maximum pH 10
  • Steam sterilization parameters 134ºC, 5 min., fractioned process

Technical features


Shaft Diameter: 7.5 / 9.5 Fr.
Straight working channel (oval): 1x 5 Fr. or 2x 3 Fr.
Optical fiber resolution: 30’000 px
Viewing angle:


Shaft Diameter: 6 / 7.5 Fr.
Straight working channel (oval): 1x 4 Fr. 
Optical fiber resolution: 20’000 px
Viewing angle: