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Swiss LithoClast® Master

Ultimate Stone Therapy

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The one-of-a-kind Swiss LithoClast® Master is the ideal combination of ultrasound and pneumatic lithotripsy, perfectly suited for all treatment modalities.

High stone-free rates

Up to 95% for ureteral stones using pneumatic lithotripsy
Up to 90% for PNL procedures using combination lithotripsy

Fast fragmentation

Combination mode with the Swiss LithoClast® Master clears stones twice as fast as ultrasound-alone lithotripters

Shorter operating time

Pneumatic lithotripsy with the Swiss LithoClast® fragments stones on average faster than Holmium laser

Product features

  • Pneumatic effect for fast coarse fragmentation
  • Powerful ultrasonic lithotripsy for fine fragmentation and pulverization
    Simultaneous use of both technologies for multiplied action
  • Controlled suction for complete evacuation of stone fragments


Scientifically proven efficacy


  • Clinical experience with a new ultrasonic and LithoClast® combination for percutaneous litholapaxy R. HOFMANN, P. OLBERT, J. WEBER, S. WILLE and Z. VARGA Department of Urology and Paediatric Urology, Medical School, Philipps Universität Marburg, Germany
  • Clinical efficacy of a combination pneumatic and ultrasonic lithotripter: The LithoClast® ultra. Pietrow, Paul, Brian K. Auge, Pei Zhong, and Glenn M. Preminger Duke University Medical Center, 1572D White Zone, DUMC 3167 Durham, NC, 27710, USA


A faster stone clearance with the Swiss LithoClast results in a shorter operating time


For cost effective management

  • Save 28 minutes compared to laser lithotripsy1
  • OR time costs 62 $ per minute2
  • Save on average 1,736 $ per PNL compared to laser lithotripsy


1 Malik, Rizvi et. al, 2007: Comparison of HO-YAG laser and Swiss LithoClast® in percutaneous nephrolithotomy

2 A. Macario, Stanford University USA, 2010: What does one minute of operating room time cost?



Technical features

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