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Universal Cyst- / Nephroscope kit Panoview plus parallel view telescope

Richard Wolf nephroscope.jpg

Endoscope details:

Reference number: FR-082

Working channel size in Fr. Working channel size in mm Instrument channel length including bridge in mm
11,1 Fr. 3,7 mm 320 mm


Ultrasound cysto-litholapaxy possible, ideally introduced using blunt obturator / fascial dilator.



Compatible probes:

Color Reference number Probe Diameter and length Minimum Diameter (working channel) Maximum Lenght (working channel) Most commonly used with these nephroscopes


FR-247 3.4 mm x 340 mm 10,5 Fr. 320 mm 24 Fr Nephroscope (short)


FR-248 3.4 mm x 445 mm 10,5 Fr. 420 mm 24 Fr Nephroscope (long)



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