Ultrasound Technology

Ultrasound lithotripsy for mini-perc and ureter.

When to use stand-alone ultrasound lithotripsy

Stand alone ultrasound lithotripsy for fast evacuation of softer – medium hard kidney stones through either standard or mini- percutaneous access or through semi-rigid ureteroscopes for ureteric stones.

High-performance ultrasonic lithotripsy for fast stone clearance shortens operating time.

A wide choice of ultrasonic lithotripsy probes is available for PCNL-, mini-PCNL-, ureteroscopic and cystoscopic application.

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Ultrasound Working Principle

Piezoceramic elements: expand when connected to electricity.

Emits electricity when put under mechanical pressure.

This is called the piezoelectric effect.

This movement is transmitted onto the ultrasound probe and generates a  very small longitudinal probe tip movement which creates an impact on a contact object (stone), leading to disintegration.

The ultrasound generator (control box) emits an electrical impulse to the piezo elements at a rate of approx. 25000 / Sec.