Laser Technology

Safe fragmentation of stones in all locations.

Why Holmium Laser?


  • Ho:YAG laser emits pulsed laser light at 2.1 µm, which is highly absorbed by water and by biological tissue.
  • Depth of tissue penetration is less than 0.5 mm, providing safe coagulation and  ablation.
  • Only the target directly in front of the fiber tip interacts with laser radiation.


  • 20W Ho:YAG laser can effectively fragment stones regardless of their size, location or chemical composition.


  • Limiting power to 20W allows a very compact housing with limited heating, hence reducing power consumption, noise and cost.

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Unique Long Pulse Mode

The Swiss LaserClast® is offering short and long pulse mode for lithotripsy.

In long pulse mode, the energy is delivered over a longer time so that the peak pulse power is reduced vs. short pulse mode. The Swiss LaserClast® can deliver pulse lengths up to 1'500 µsec.


  • Long pulse mode is adding new benefits compared to the standard short pulse mode


  • Long pulse mode improves fragmentation control by reducing stone migration


  • Long pulse mode reduces laser fiber burn back


  • Long pulse mode provides efficient haemostasis, coagulation and tissue cutting / ablation