SIU - Société Internationale d’Urologie – is organizing its 37th congress that will take place in Lisbon (Portugal) on 19-22 October 2017. 

Founded in 1907, SIU is an international non-profit association aiming to develop the care of patients concerned with urological disease. The SIU is focusing in regions of the world where education and infrastructures are poor. The association is based in Montréal, Canada, and has 4000 members all around the world in 110 countries. 
The SIU congress is an annual key event for professionals specialized in Urology. During this 4 days event, important subjects around urology, urologic research, oncology, reconstructive surgery and urogynecology will be covered. 

Don’t miss this event and come visit the EMS Urology booth B 03.

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- All in One 
- Swiss Lithoclast master
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EMS Urology team will be more than happy to respond to any of your questions. 

On Friday 20th Oct, from 11:30 am until 13:30 pm Room 3A ; EMS Urology is organizing a demo session focused on Laser Lithotripsy. 
Professor Olivier Traxer and Dr. Silvia Proietti, will lead this demonstration using the Swiss LaserClast. 
The objectives of this session are: 
- To learn basics of Holmium YAG laser: physical concepts and clinical applications (dusting, fragmentation, pulse duration)  
- To learn about laser fibers 
- To learn basics about Percutaneous access and lithotripsy 
- To learn basics about Retrograde Intra-Renal Surgery and lithotripsy 
- To learn tips and tricks in endourology  

The results of the session will be shared on the EMS Urology Twitter account @EMSUrology with the hashtags #SIU2017 #EMS 

Also, you have the possibility to follow the live stream on the SIU Academy portal. Every year the SIU Academy is posting webcasts of the poster sessions, lectures and demonstrations.